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Let's Keep 'Em Rolling^ Your Suggestions Will ...

Would you really make suggestions on improvements to a godlike figure in this drawing that could crush you for insolence? They didn’t think that one through.

Look, what am I, a fricken graphic designer?  No…no I’m not.  So, I’m using the free version of different themes because:

1.  I’m a cheapskate.

2.  Why would you pay for something when most of what you need is free anyway?

3.  Pay for the more customizable version of a theme doesn’t make sense if I’m going to be trying out new themes every now and then.

4.  I’m still a cheapskate.

So, with those things in mind, here are some tips for reading this blog.

1)  ENLARGE, Mofo’s!

Things change depending on which theme I’m using, but one constant has seemingly always been that I feel the text is a couple of points too small.   The current theme I’m using (Expound) is especially bad in this regard.  It makes me all squinty sometimes.  But I like the other features of the theme, so we’ll work with it.

Long story short: just enlarge the text.  Most browsers have an enlarge function (command and the +/- symbols on a mac), so do yourself a favor and use it.

2)  The Article Slider at the top can hold the 5 most recent articles (but only holds one).

The latest one is always the first one you see. Oooooooo.  I’m so design oriented.

3)  Thou shalt use the dropdown archive menu to search if you want to go back more than a couple of pages.

Trust me, you’ll just be happier.  And there’s a number denoting how many posts were made in a  given month. Give it a try.

4)  Interaction makes the green grass grow.

At least like the post if you can’t be bothered to leave a full comment.

5)  The Tag Cloud is your friend.

IMO, the tag cloud is generally more useful than just typing something in the search bar.

6)  Still, use the searchbar for specific things.

It works. Trust me, I’ve tried it.

7)  The older posts had more writing and less pictures, so don’t just zoom past everything.

I’ve found that I read posts like those falling tiles in the Matrix.  Just zoom zoom zoom and if a cute cat picture happens to be in the way of the text, I might stop.  I’ve started using pictures more, but please, give the old stuff a chance.

8) Suggestions are welcome.

Blog comments are great, but don’t be afraid to tell me how the site can be improved from a technical/design/content/etc standpoint.  I’m open to criticism.  Except if you don’t like my use of foul language. Then just…fuck you.



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