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I try to post when I can. Hopefully once a day (until I get busy or bored, then screw you).  And I try to cover a diverse range of things so things don’t get too sedentary.  To that end I have a schedule of sorts; seven topics that are covered in a given week though not necessarily in any given order.  Click on a link to find posts that fit a certain category.  (note, I just started using these labels, so the links may not take you to a whole lot just yet. Keep checking back).

  • Picture posts:  – posts solely comprised of some kind of photo that strikes me
  • Quote:     –  A quote that means something to me.  I reserve the right to write a longer piece on whatever the quote means.
  • Blogging Challenge 1:   –  A post for one of the blogging challenges
  • Blogging Challenge 2:   –  A post of the second 30-day blogging challenge
  • Create your own blogging challenge:   –  A post for the 30-day challenge I’m designing
  • Dating/Relationships/Sex:  – These are popular topics here on the ol’ EC, and I have tons of materials.
  • Wildcard!:  –  You can’t always plan everything out.   Sometimes you have to leave the door open for random or repeating material

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