Who is Elias Cresh?

I look sort of Latino in this picture. I’m not.

I am Elias Cresh.  I’m an artist.   Jetsetter to the other side of town.  I’m a man of mystery.  Perhaps I’m no man at all.  Perhaps I’m Aimee Mann.

Anyway, this is my personal blog.  I write about whatever strikes my fancy.  The upside is it gives me a space to jot things down.  The downside is there is not a lot of consistency in content.  You won’t find some overarching theme or subject matter (though I talk about some things a lot according to the tag cloud).


I’m trying different things out here all the time.  Hopefully it will all congeal more and more over time.




3 responses to “Who is Elias Cresh?

    • She’s a popular song writer/musician in some underground circles. She was with the band Til Tuesday in the 80’s that had a hit single “Voices Carry.” Since then, she’s gone solo with more folk rock sounding songs. She’s very thin and blonde. Most recently, she’s been on an episode of Portlandia.

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