Entry 1 on a journaling challenge


Trying something new. Deal with it.


Three Things I’m Grateful For:

  1. My wife.   I don’t deserve her.   But she’s an angel on earth. It’s amazing.
  2. A House to Live In.   We have a decent amount of room and things are relatively stable, but you never know when you can either be on the street or in very cramped conditions.   For now, it’s something that I’m grateful for.
  3. My Health:  I’m not dead yet. That’s something. I can walk. I can talk.  I can think.  Not everybody can do any of those.   I should be thankful for just that little bit.


Three Things That Would Make Today Great

  1. Getting Paid for the Project I’m Working On:  That whole deal is very vague. I’m not sure when I’m getting paid for it, but it needs to be soon. That would help make today very good.
  2. Having the Guy I’m Working With Show Some Understanding On the Limitations of Our Project:   I have a lot of expectations put on me by someone who is quite capable but doesn’t fully understand what can be done on short notice.  I’m hoping he might be understanding. Fingers crossed.
  3. I Get Restful Sleep Tonight:  I’ve been sleeping but feeling constantly tired.  I need restful sleep. I don’t see it happening, but one can hope.


How Well Did You Sleep Last Night

  • Not well.    It was rough.  I’m really sleeping all over the place and not getting consistent sleep all the way through.   I need a more consistent sleep schedule. It’s very hard right now.


What Is One Thing You Want To Accomplish Today

  • I want to get the front end of the app I’m working on completely finished and get deep into the basic backend finalizing.


What Is On your Mind Right Now?

  • This looming app and the discussion I’m going to have with the business owner about it.  It’s a bit unnerving.


3 to 5 things Making You Most Uncomfortable

  1. The discussion with the business owner.  Deadlines loom and he can be either understanding or enraged that things are not moving as fast as he’d like.  I feel like I’ve not done as well as I could have, though I was up against some pretty big obstacles.  So, I’m very nervous about it.
    • If this was the thing that got handled today, it would depend on how it turned out. If the enraging attitude sprang forth, it would make the day horrible. If an attitude of understanding was expressed, the day would be quite satisfying.
    • Moving this forward would make everything else a bit clearer at least in how they were going to unfold and so, a bit more manageable.
  2. Not getting paid yet for my work is a bit uncomfortable. It’s in the ether as something that needs to be handled, but I feel it is the pressure on all parties due to a high level of uncertainty about a number of factors.   I hope it turns out well.
    • If this was the only thing I accomplished today, it would be a great and satisfying day.  Obviously money is great and all, but it’s also just something that hasn’t been dealt with that  is causing tension that would be off the plate.
    • Moving this forward would make pretty much only this one thing better.
  3. I’ve got a certain bill coming up that is large that I’ve been putting it off. I’ve got to handle it, but it’s been something I’ll get to later.  That’s going to cause some conversations if I keep putting it off.
    • If this was the only thing dealt with today, it would be great in that one area, but I feel the other problems would still be looming and so are a bit more important.
    • Moving this forward would only improve this one thing.
  4. I’ve been so exhausted lately. I have to get it under control.  I feel more and more frazzled because I haven’t been sleeping well.  I changed my daily schedule radically a few weeks ago and my body still hasn’t caught up to it. It’s getting pretty awful and affecting everything.

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