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Dates of Horror: The Date So Bad My Ankle Got Broken

Today is the first day of the Dates of Horror Event (submit your post every Thursday!), so it’s only fair I kick things off with my own harrowing tale of a truly awful date.  Get comfortable, children: Ol’ Uncle Elias is going to tell you a tale of romance that will surely make your blood…

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The “Dates of Horror” Challenge

Originally posted on Elias Cresh:
? I’m hosting a blogging challenge all throughout the month of November where I invite everyone to submit their stories of the absolute worst, most dreaded, most horrific, most despicable dates they’ve ever been on.   No story is too gory.  No tale is too chilling.   What Stephen King…


Reactionary Political Movements: Gamergate Edition

This post continues the discussion about political movements from last time, specifically positive vs negative/reactionary movements.  My main contention was modern positive movements that stand on their own are more desirable than reactionary movements that stand in need of a specific oppressor in order to exist (even if it’s evident who/what the oppressor is).  …